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Racer Ten are from Medicine Hat, Alberta (that's in Canada, dummy). Their hobbies include lethargy, heavy cartoon viewing, and frequenting the local 7-11.  Medicine Hat’s population is over 65% senior citizens, so one can imagine the plethora of activites that exist for a younger person to partake in. In the summer of 1994, the boys in Racer Ten grew tired of playing video games at the bowling alley (and smoking crack behind the bus debot) and decided to start a band. Dumb idea, huh?

The saga begins below...

Racer Ten poked their heads into the scene in 1996 with the release of their debut CD, "Melodies and Memories". Now, Racer Ten have teamed up with Calgary-based Triple Threat Records for the release of their second CD, "The World of Tomorrow…". Recorded in 1998, this CD features 14 toe-tapping, knee-slapping tracks, good till the last drop (with no after-taste). Racer Ten serve up speedy, engaging tunes, cleverly written and executed with precision, filled with just enough surprises to quench your thirst for something unique. Well-crafted, blistering guitar melodies abound, along with layers of tasty vocal harmonies and sugar-coated pop hooks that’ll satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Sean’s easy-to-understand, easy-to-relate-to lyrics will have ya singing along before ya know long as, in the words of SKRATCH magazine, "you aren’t offended by music that doesn’t need to repeatedly yell ‘Shit’, ‘Fuck’, and ‘Anarchy’ throughout every damn song." SKRATCH continues: "Racer Ten is not your average ‘I’m angry at the world’ power chord punk band...These Canadian guys are musicians and they prove it."

"This band’s got clever tunes and they throw some real surprises in their arrangements" raves BABYSUE magazine and DISCOVER (german) magazine describes "Melodies and Memories" as "elegant and accurate" with "16 pop-hits which display skillful songwriting. Here, punk rock becomes background music for good feelings." Racer Ten grew up with skateboards in hand, and as PUNK PLANET puts it: "if you are an oppressed, skateboard riding youth, you will most likely enjoy this release."

Racer Ten approach their live shows with tireless enthusiasm, and their zany stage antics, endless out-pouring of high-energy, crowd-pleasing gag prize give-aways, and let’s-make-fun-of-ourselves costumes make the show-stealing Racer Ten performance a must-see! These four likeable lads from Canada possess the uncanny ability to win over crowds everywhere. They completed a U.S. tour in the summer/fall of ’97 and have since been playing shows throughout Alberta and Western Canada.

What for them on tour in your area! 

Created and maintained by Sean. Optimized for 640 x 480, so don't blame me if it looks
screwed up on a larger screen setting.  Racer Ten 1999